Frequently Asked Questions

For over 40 years, SAATCHINET has been the leading Barter Exchange Network in the world – operating in well over 100 countries and growing everyday.

Below are just some of the questions we get asked on a regular basis. 



I've looked at your site and although it seems like a great idea, I'm still not convinced. What can you tell me to convince me that I should join?

We believe we’ve done a very good job of explaining exactly how SAATCHINET works. You conduct business under the Network, you accumulate Barter dollars that can be redeemed for things you need to keep your business functioning to the best of its ability, and you only pay 10% of any transaction back to the Network in cash.

If you are having a hard time understanding that, then maybe its best that you not join.

If I want to take a client out to dinner, do you have a list of restaurants that I can go to? How does that work?

We do have a list of restaurants that operate under the Network, but we do not disclose those for various reasons. SAATCHINET is a 24/7/365 Concierge Service that coordinates with businesses to faciliate all transactions.

When wanting to take a client out to dinner, here’s how that will look:

1. You decide on the date and time you want to want to meet your client and you let us know.

2. We will supply you a list of SAATCHINET-friendly restaurants. If one of those restaurants is suitable to you, we call the restaurant and make a reservation for you and your guest(s).

3. We communicate with the restaurant to pay the bill at the end of the dinner.

4. You as a member of SAATCHINET pay 10% of the bill in cash to the Network and the restaurant pays 10% of the bill in cash to the Network

5. If you want to take your client to a restaurant outside of SAATCHINET, that is perfectly fine. We still cover the entire bill, and you as a SAATCHINET member need only pay 20% of the total bill back to the Network in cash.

Why don't you post all of the vendors and businesses under your Network?

We are in the process of building this platform so that we can showcase businesses in every city across the globe, but that takes time. So, until we’re there, we’ve chosen to simply showcase the categories that we have under our Network. When a business needs a product or service, we recommend that they contact us so that we can facilitate the transaction. Afterall – we are a 24/7/265 Concierge Service.